Hello Team Motovation,   I am writing this email to you with a Thank You Note!   Few of you know me, however, I would like to write a few lines. I started riding motorbikes since the year 2000 and Pulsar 180 was my 1st Performance Machine, which was gifted to me by my Dad … Continue reading Vikas Rachamalla

Vikas Rachamalla

Motovation Team… Thank you Mihir, Nikhil and all the Motovation team for the wonderful and fast day today… Really enjoyed and learnt a lot.. . You guys rock…. Thank you for organizing such events and teaching us newbies how to harness the power of our bikes safetly… Can’t wait to get back on the track … Continue reading Ismail Badri

Ismail Badri

I have been waiting for 2 weeks for the track day……everytime i come, i unlearn and learn new things and evolve along with the learnt things…..really love the time i spend at the track……each and every moment is memorable. i really appreciate the personal attention you give to each participant….keep doing the same and for … Continue reading Sudheer Suri

Sudheer Suri

Hi Guys, I had a awesome time riding on the track. I earlier came for the KTM track day and found it very interesting. Thought it would take time for KTM guys to arrange another track day but when I came to know that you guys have planned for these training sessions I was excited … Continue reading Sunil Godala

Sunil Godala

Hello. My name is Aditya SV. I have attended the first two Motovation Track Days, the first as audience and the second one as a participant. It has just been three months since I first bought my bike. I really was very scared about damaging my bike or getting hurt riding it. Came to the … Continue reading Aditya S V

Aditya S V

Hello everyone at Motovation, Last sunday was my first time attending it and as your motto went, i really am unlearning all my old habits and learning afresh. I really appreciate the effort you guys put in to make something like this possible in hyderabad. It was amazing to see Nikhil, anoop, mihir go through … Continue reading Rohit Bandaru

Rohit Bandaru

Things couldn’t get better for a beginner like me. The track is small, so no near-death top speeds. The instructors teach by example, so it’s easy to learn. There’s nothing that you can do at the Buddh International Circuit that you can’t at the Chicane, and that’s why I’ll be pushing hard with team Motovation … Continue reading Akhil Kalsh

Akhil Kalsh

Hey Team, So I decided to write up something what I’ve been experiencing in Motovation..!! Every track day, 5:30am, spot on at the venue, ( well only once it got delayed 󾌪) been there for every track day, Helping the team with the participants on their bikes in technical ways..!! In the mean time while … Continue reading Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar

The training has been a Life Saver!! All bikers MUST have two to three sessions here.. Here’s my story.. I usually like normal folks like you use my rear brake for stopping the bike during panic/sudden brake etc.. Here I learnt and as their motto goes “unlearn – Relearn – Evolve” they actually do that.. … Continue reading Ajay Vishwanath

Ajay Vishwanath

Brilliant fun! Something new every time, and a lot of adrenaline.

Akhil Kalsh

An amazing platform for professional yet safe biking, learn from scratch/push your self, trainers have everything in store for you .great job on taking biking to the next level. Looking forward for some crazy stuff!!!!! Cheers!!! Stay happy stay motovated!!! Live to ride. smile emoticon Happy biking.

Rahul Viswanath

I had a great experience with you guys. I learnt many thing from the motovation track days especially how to lean in the corner and the body positions. Thank you so much motovation track days

Harsha Kakarla

It was my 1st track day. Have been following Motovation page since  ages. But when one of my friends attended the track day and gave the feedback, I decided to have a go and I finally made it. Riding all the way from Pune. To and fro. Ride was hectic because of bad roads. But … Continue reading Sahil Dholbe

Sahil Dholbe

I’ve attended the last track day of 2015, and I was blown away! Although I myself am not a huge bike fan I was mesmerized with the passion that the 60+ people were riding on the track. Fat Flash was amazing! And there were a few guys who were letting me know about quite a … Continue reading Ashketh Tiwari

Ashketh Tiwari

I’ve been to the track days thrice as of today n I’ve learnt something every single time.. U realise ur capabilities.. U can push ur and ur bike’s limits as the crew conducts it in a very safe environment.. For people who wanna learn the art of track riding, this is where u start off..

Suhas Kar

Great place to learn track riding! Helpful instructors and a very well maintained schedule. Ambulance on-site too… Just in case you crash(which i didn’t)!!

Michael Hnialum

I attended the last track day and it had been like a heaven to me..till now the the track has been rotating all my head..thank u Motovation track days and everyone behind it ..cant wait to attend next day !!

Dhirendra Yadav

Dirl Bowl – It was absolutely one helluvan experience. This is way more tougher than our usual track days. Everyone learnt something new, especially how to get your bike out if you’re stuck in a slimy swamp full of dirt and mud. smile emoticon Kudos to the organizers and everyone who came there. One suggestion, … Continue reading Rajshekar Shankar

Rajshekar Shankar

Seriously i had an great experience but u don’t expect to learn everything in one session, so i would be coming down to some more track days. It was an great experience, Thanks Anoop pamu & Jonathan jhonson & Nikhil Paul jhonson and an special thanks to motovation track day Team!

Sanjay Seethiraju


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