Vikas Rachamalla

Hello Team Motovation,


I am writing this email to you with a Thank You Note!


Few of you know me, however, I would like to write a few lines. I started riding motorbikes since the year 2000 and Pulsar 180 was my 1st Performance Machine, which was gifted to me by my Dad on my 18th Birthday (Year 2002). I fell in love with the power of the Fastest Indian motorbike back then and rode her like hell till the year 2005, later I moved on and was driving cars more than riding motorbikes (However, my love for motorbikes was intact). In the Year 2011, I got back to Motorbikes and started training to ride Superbikes under my Mentor ‘Captain Vicky’. He was kind enough to allow me to ride his Suzuki GSX 750 F Katana and that was the point where my life changed.. It took me back to the year 2002 and the days of my motorbike rides… I decided that I needed to buy a performance oriented motorbike as soon as possible. I was looking to buy only 1 motorbike. I bought a Yamaha R1 and she took my passion for motorbikes to another level, I could not look back anymore. Now I have 4 motorbikes to Ride; R1, GSXR 1000, Duke 390 and GSX 1100 F. Motorbikes are PURE PASSION for me, which I cannot explain in words. I was enjoying riding the Big, Fast machines, I could learn many important aspects of riding, on my own, example, braking, shifting, throttle control etc. However, a very important skill was missing i.e. cornering, I almost had no clue of the correct technique to corner on a motorcycle. With my interest to learn cornering, I visited MMSC Chennai, I rode all the way from Hyderabad to Chennai solo on a KTM Duke 390 to attend a Track Day organized by KTM. That was the point I fell in love with the idea of riding on a Race Track. I love to ride fast and hard, so why not ride in a controlled environment. I did learn a few things at MMSC. However, I for sure needed more training. Unfortunately MMSC Track is a considerable distance from Hyderabad. A year later, I met a group of highly motivated and skilled riders and again it was a Track Day organized by KTM at Hyderabad. At that point, I did not even know about Chicane Track. Although a small track compared to a full size race track like the MMSC, chicane track had what I needed; that is ‘Corners’… The KTM Track Day was done and I was happy, however, I had an empty feeling…… I knew, KTM would probably organize a Track Day one time in a year and at this pace, I would not learn much. I had almost decided to go to Kari Track and do a Level 1 and 2 training, however, being a Family man with a Full Time Job leaves me with almost no time. That is when I received a message from one of the members of the same group I met at the KTM event at Chicane Track. I was extremely happy to know that a Track Day is getting organized by them. I instantly requested them to enroll me. However, I was not very sure what I was getting into, but I knew I would sure learn something from them. It was a Sunday morning, I visited Chicane Track again and got introduced to the Team, known as the TEAM MOTOVATION. Everything was well above my expectation. The team members were professional, yet very friendly. The most important factor which one would cherish as a rider; is the personal attention that we would receive. The team would keep a track of every rider and train him or her according to the skill that is required and they knew what I was looking to learn and what I was lacking…. They focused on my cornering skill right from the day one. The simple explanation of the basics of cornering by the team was absolutely superb. They kept a track of every single mistake I did and appreciated my learning; this only motivated me to learn more. By the 3rd track day I was getting comfortable to corner with my Knee down and was getting the body into the technically correct position and during the 4th Track Day, I could not believe myself, touching my knee down and taking a corner started to feel like my second nature. I watched my videos and felt very good… of course, I have a long way to go. However, I would not have reached this far if there was no TEAM MOTOVATION. Thank you ALL…


Wish you all reach great heights.



Vikas Rachamalla.