Rohit Bandaru

Hello everyone at Motovation,

Last sunday was my first time attending it and as your motto went, i really am unlearning all my old habits and learning afresh. I really appreciate the effort you guys put in to make something like this possible in hyderabad. It was amazing to see Nikhil, anoop, mihir go through corners with such ease.
I found my first experience with Motovation to be fun and jovial while at the same time, professional and focused. I had theoretical knowledge but none practically whatsoever about the lines, weight shifting, etc, and not to forget, quite low confidence. This is the kind of useful knowledge that bikers can’t just learn off the internet.
As an example, I pulled over after a few laps and i just wasn’t able to figure out how to get my foot placement on the pedal right as well as shifting my body weight to get the lean angle. Though busy, Mihir immediately called over two guys to hold my bike and lean it over while they explained where my foot; where my butt should be at a turn. Personalized attention made a huge difference.
My suggestions where also similar to Adityas. If a Gopro could be attached to a helmet and a video of one lap be taken, if required the trainer could sit for a few minutes with the rider to discuss any points to be improved upon.
Cheers to a very useful session and here’s to many more! I’ve attached a photo of the bike holding 🙂