Ajay Vishwanath

The training has been a Life Saver!! All bikers MUST have two to three sessions here.. Here’s my story.. I usually like normal folks like you use my rear brake for stopping the bike during panic/sudden brake etc.. Here I learnt and as their motto goes “unlearn – Relearn – Evolve” they actually do that.. I lost the habit of rear brake and started using my front brake.. here’s my story on how this actually helped me.. I was going normally on the road.. I was following a bus.. the bus didn’t have the rear red lights in working condition.. dude put a sudden brake and it took me a while to realize that.. but when I realized it, I was pretty close.. here’s the catch.. I used my front brake and did a small stoppie and my bike stopped right there and thank god nobody hit me from behind.. now, had I used the rear brake.. the scenario will be different.. I would have skid and gone directly under the tyres of the bus.. this small practice/habit change saved my bike & myself from heavy damages.. I’ve been for a few sessions and I’m loving it.. Keep up the great job fellas..