Ajay Kumar

Hey Team, So I decided to write up something what I’ve been experiencing in Motovation..!! Every track day, 5:30am, spot on at the venue, ( well only once it got delayed 󾌪) been there for every track day, Helping the team with the participants on their bikes in technical ways..!! In the mean time while the batches are on track, I quietly Go near one of the trainer and listen to him while he is giving advice to the participants, I listen to them,apply when ever I’m on track and try to do it in a proper way, i fell on the track once, but then never mind, we fall, we learn, just follow the advice and apply it, And helping with Biker Jesus( Jonathan Johnson) and Mirza Anwar Mohiuddin got to learn how to fix bikes instantly when ever there’s an problem with it. Over all its fun riding on the track, getting to learn lot of things and red bull gives you wings, thank you for that team. And I want to thank Rohit Luke, Samuel Luther and biker Jesus Jonathan Johnson for giving me their bike when in need. Team Motovation, Keep Motivating. Cheers. And also I would like to encourage all the participants to write and share something, no matter if it is a two line sentence also, put up what you’ve experienced.