Aditya S V

Hello. My name is Aditya SV. I have attended the first two Motovation Track Days, the first as audience and the second one as a participant. It has just been three months since I first bought my bike. I really was very scared about damaging my bike or getting hurt riding it. Came to the first Motovation Track Day all thanks to Mishal. I witnessed something that had me obsessed for the entire day. Looking at Mihir, Nikhil and Anoop sliding around and teaching the tricks to other made me think about what I am missing out. Going back home that day, I tried shifting weight and doing it the way it was taught, it felt safer, faster and I never felt so stable before. It gave me a lot of confidence. Thus, I participated in the second Motovation Track Day. A big thanks to Luke, Mihir, Johnny and Nikhil for being ever so patient with me and helping me learn the absolute basics. The way Luke showed me around the track with the lines, the tricks, the flicks and throttle control really boosted my confidence before going on the track. The inputs from Mihir and Luke between laps, the way both them guys went ahead and showed the lines, pushing us to go faster following them helped a lot in understanding the track. At the end of the track day, I learnt why to keep my toes on the foot pegs, why weight shifting was important, why and when my vehicle would start getting pissed off and learnt why going on the track is important. A huge thanks to everybody man. A small suggestion I would put it is if head mounted cameras can be attached to participants in the batches in order to let everybody focus on their shortcomings individually.

A huge thanks to all for Motovation. Looking forward to more track days. Unlearn, Relearn and Evolve. 👍

Aditya S.V.,
Graduate Engineer Trainee,
Mercedes-Benz (Mahavir Auto),
Hyderabad, India -500011.