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Buying the right helmet

You’ve just bought yourself that awesome new motorcycle and now you want a lid that matches that sexed out paint job. You take a nice little ride down to the motorcycle store and look around, your helmet doesn’t look as cool, you throw in the bin and start drooling over all the awesome helmets that surround you, and then it hits you – “Which helmet is the best choice for me?”

helmetYou sit there at the store, confused, after trying on a million helmets and then curl up in a corner, sobbing quietly, hoping death will come sooner. Worry not though, The Fat Flash is here to save your day and all for a measly slice of pizza in return.

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DIY: How to fix a flat tire on your motorbike

7777Those of us who have been riding long enough have obviously had at least one flat tire while commuting or touring. While getting a flat fixed in the city is relatively easy as there are no shortages of “Ramulu’s” and “Pulayya’s” to get the job done for you, it’s a completely different story when you’re out touring on our NH’s or exploring some SH’s like we do.

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Top Tips to Tour like a Pro

Riding season is here and everyone we spoke to has either got Leh’d or is on the way to getting Leh’d

We thought this would be just about the right time to help you get prepped for your highway adventure. Our crew has tens of thousands of solo and group long distance miles under their belts. And it took a few tries to get it right but we think we have got it down to a science and here is what we have learned during our time on the open road. Continue reading Top Tips to Tour like a Pro