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How not to be a statistic…

We had one of our crew members recently hurt themselves in a motorcycle crash about a month ago. The crash was avoidable and was his own damn fault. Tweeter is an idiot and here is what you can do to avoid ending up like him. Continue reading How not to be a statistic…




Now that you have decided to get yourself a motorcycle, next step is choosing the right one which suits your purpose and way of riding. It’s not as simple as pointing a finger at a motorbike and hopping onto it and riding away. Let me help you with a few things to keep in mind while purchasing a motorcycle.

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nikhilWe have had a half dozen track days to date and the most interesting post-session I have got to date is this “How can I use 100% of my motorcycle and when do I know I have reached its limit?”

This got me to put on my thinking cap and try to answer this question in the best way possible. I never asked myself this question. I don’t think any of us Motovation Track Days had ever asked ourselves that question. We were on a track asking people to find their limit without actually knowing where the limit was.

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Mistakes Every New Rider Makes

Fat man dancing

Scenario 1: You’ve finally saved up enough to buy that dream motorcycle, you take that wad of money and head down to the showroom and pick up that spanking brand new death machine and decide that you’re now the self-proclaimed king of the road

Scenario 2: You’re 37 and your married life just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Cue mid-life crisis. You break into your kid’s college fund and decide to buy the biggest, maddest motorcycle you can think off. You straddle your new beast and bask in its reflected glory.

Both these scenarios have one thing in common and that’s where most motorcyclists make their first mistake. When your passion exceeds your talent/experience you are just a ticking time bomb for a massive disaster.

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Riding the Curve – The Theoretical and Practical relationship Torque and Power in your machine?

It’s a good day to ride, you put your gear on and go out for a spin – roam the streets, burn some rubber, paint the town glowing red with the heat from your engine. Yes, we know all too well what we need to do and how we need to do it!!

What we are yet to understand is how it works when you need it to!!

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