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BBG Race Leathers – Review

For track junkies there is no better protection than some smart looking race leathers but when you are in a country like India, they don’t come cheap. A set of the cheapest Alpinestars Race Leathers will set you back about Rs.75000/- or more. Most of us either end up importing our suits & leathers or end up using the cheaper options that come from across the border in Pakistan. Continue reading BBG Race Leathers – Review


Dark Rider Riding Jeans Review

I am a gear head and I also tend to be slightly paranoid while commuting on my motorcycle, mostly because the last 3 accidents I was involved in happened to be while I was stationary. In fact the last one ended up with me getting pinned under an SUV and dragged for about 10 feet. Needless to say I was always geared to the teeth and the most severe injury was a torn rotor cuff.

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Buying the right helmet

You’ve just bought yourself that awesome new motorcycle and now you want a lid that matches that sexed out paint job. You take a nice little ride down to the motorcycle store and look around, your helmet doesn’t look as cool, you throw in the bin and start drooling over all the awesome helmets that surround you, and then it hits you – “Which helmet is the best choice for me?”

helmetYou sit there at the store, confused, after trying on a million helmets and then curl up in a corner, sobbing quietly, hoping death will come sooner. Worry not though, The Fat Flash is here to save your day and all for a measly slice of pizza in return.

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