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Building a tool kit for your motorcycle

One of the most satisfying chores of owning a bike, is servicing it and to tackle it you will need the proper tools to get you started. Most motorcycles come with a standard toolkit under the seat, the first thing you should do is take it out from under your seat and throw it away. Throwing the tool kit away serves two very important purposes- the first being saving weight, the second is saving you the headache of stripped bolts and broken bits. Continue reading Building a tool kit for your motorcycle


I am a Master Rider now…

I know how to wring the throttle , I know how to break , I know how to release clutch and to shift gears,

And, most importantly, I know how to Honk

I am a Master Rider now…

Aaah , Now I got a Bike ( 50 to God knows how much ??? cc, Displacement doesn’t matter here coz all that matters is ME the Master Rider)

Let me check the Post Delivery Action list

1. Remove the rear view mirrors , ( or keep it in an angle that it shows my handsome face)

2. Get a helmet ( Else Cops will fine) and a helmet lock.

3. Paste / engrave some dangerous looking quote to rear mudguard.

Let’s go for a ride…

Oh, Police is not around, what a waste that I bought a costly 200 rs Helmet from roadside (PS: you know the screen guard which I put in my smartphone costs 900 rs). Now what to do with this helmet, I have heard that wearing helmet will lead to hair-loss ( Ooooh, it is worse than head-loss if I didn’t wear helmet)

Option -1 : Place it on the fuel tank – It will help to protect the Metal tank

Option -2 : If you have the mirrors still on, hang it around it ( will protect the glass, Glass is a delicate thing , you know ??)

Option -3 : Give it to the pillion so that he/ she can hold to this (I heard that helmet is a life saver, so in case they fall down due to the high speed that I drive , helmet will help them)

Option- 4 : Hang it using the helmet lock, in pillion hand rail or in Saree guard ( so that it can hang around and hit other vehicles who dare to come near my superfast machine )

I have decided to keep the helmet in tank, so that if cops appear all of a sudden I can wear it in a jiffy …

Now I ride, the way wind falls on my face … FEEL LIKE GOD…

Oh my smartphone is ringing, I have to pick up the call urgently. I feel around the pocket and find the phone and answer it while keeping one hand in throttle.

See , I am able to answer the call easily, coz I am not wearing Helmet. I am an Intelligent Master rider.

I am traveling in center line, I need to take that right turn. I adjust phone between ear and shoulder and start changing lines

What, you telling that I forgot to put indicators ??? Indicators are not needed man, I have horn, others will be anyway looking in awe at me the Master rider following each move taken by me. So I don’t bother with indicators… And anyway as they are looking at me what is the need to check those inferior mortals in me rear view mirrors ( that is why I removed it apart from adding street hero look to my bike)

I turn , I carve corner, I swing and sweep like a Japanese sword…

Did I see a bus coming in my way ??? or I crossed his way ????



The biker escaped from bus and continued his ride… He will be thinking how smart I am to escape from a bus…

IS HE???



Courtesy :

Anand Nellissery – HVK Forum

Mistakes Every New Rider Makes

Fat man dancing

Scenario 1: You’ve finally saved up enough to buy that dream motorcycle, you take that wad of money and head down to the showroom and pick up that spanking brand new death machine and decide that you’re now the self-proclaimed king of the road

Scenario 2: You’re 37 and your married life just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Cue mid-life crisis. You break into your kid’s college fund and decide to buy the biggest, maddest motorcycle you can think off. You straddle your new beast and bask in its reflected glory.

Both these scenarios have one thing in common and that’s where most motorcyclists make their first mistake. When your passion exceeds your talent/experience you are just a ticking time bomb for a massive disaster.

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Riding the Curve – The Theoretical and Practical relationship Torque and Power in your machine?

It’s a good day to ride, you put your gear on and go out for a spin – roam the streets, burn some rubber, paint the town glowing red with the heat from your engine. Yes, we know all too well what we need to do and how we need to do it!!

What we are yet to understand is how it works when you need it to!!

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