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So You Want to Drag Your Knee…

I tend to chuckle when I ask people what they want to learn at Motovation Track Days and mostly the answer is ‘I want to get my knee down’. To me it is hilarious that this is a concern for so many riders out there.

nikkiLet me say this first, getting your knee down is not an art, all you need to do is try some atrociously bad riding technique and you will be able to scrape your knee pucks all day long, even when you aren’t in a corner. See what I did there. No??? Let me make it clear- Getting your knee down in no way makes you a better, faster or safer rider. Wait- you scream- but MotoGP riders get their knee down on every corner Continue reading So You Want to Drag Your Knee…



nikhilWe have had a half dozen track days to date and the most interesting post-session I have got to date is this “How can I use 100% of my motorcycle and when do I know I have reached its limit?”

This got me to put on my thinking cap and try to answer this question in the best way possible. I never asked myself this question. I don’t think any of us Motovation Track Days had ever asked ourselves that question. We were on a track asking people to find their limit without actually knowing where the limit was.

Continue reading 100%

The Point of Transition – The Fine Art of Trail Braking

The Roadrunner aka Chadattack decided to let us in on the finesse required to trail brake properly on a motorcycle. We were psyched and you should be too.

Motorcycle riding is almost reminiscent of art. It is no different as the common point between the two is transition. The transition of a curve more specifically. Continue reading The Point of Transition – The Fine Art of Trail Braking