Of Track Days & Unicorns

11403106_1608222142788801_8622724307247172705_n.jpgEvery time we organise a track day we are flooded with questions about what we do, why we do and some even weirder questions that make us wonder if it is even worth doing what we do. A lot of people do not want to participate or feel there is too much of a risk involved.

Here’s a list of the top myths people usually associate with Track Days

  • Track Days = Racing
  • People who go to track days have a lot of money
  • You need a specialised motorcycle to participate in a Track Day
  • Riding on a racetrack is the most dangerous thing that was ever invented since the wheel.

The interesting part is none of these statements are true, in fact the assumptions couldn’t be further away from the truth, you might as well believe in unicorns because you know one horned magical horses totally exist and we are all bronies.

The truth is that track days are not race events and while they can be expensive, they are much cheaper than dealing with a massive hospital bills or speeding tickets. Most track days do not require you to have a specialized motorcycle and you can use your regular commuter/street bike with minimal preparation. More than anything, if you like speed and want to hone your skills, there is no place safer to push your limits than in a controlled environment of a race track under the eyes of trained supervision.

Why Motovation Track Days?

  • You get to safely push your limits
  • No additional risk of traffic
  • Controlled environment
  • Professional and experienced Coaches
  • Personally tailored training
  • Ambulance and technician on standby
  • Video reviews and feedback

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, over the past 10 or so events, we have realised that riders who have attended Motovation Track Days fall into very specific categories.

  • Those who have no idea why they arrived at the event
  • Those who ride fast on the street and think they just wasted their money by attending the event
  • Those who don’t ride fast on the street but mistake track days for competitive race events
  • Those who come to a track day and realise this is holy ground and there is no better place to learn to corner, they aren’t interested in going fast and return every now and then to brush up their skills
  • Those who try a track day and are hooked for life. They aren’t interested in racing but love the thrill of going fast in a safe environment. They end up spending all their money and free time on their new passion.

What type of a rider are you? That’s the only question you should ask yourself. What you ride is irrelevant, what you do is irrelevant. The only thing that  matters on a track day is if you have taken home a little more than you arrived with.

We at Motovation Track Days try to accommodate each type of rider and cater to their different needs while trying to keep the costs as low as possible. If you haven’t come down to check us out as yet you should, you might just find a new hobby.


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